Monday, 12 January 2015

Friends and folks it has been a while since you read anything from this blog and it seems as though I am not fulfilling my promise to frequently write on this blog. i have not also posted pictures as promised but not to worry mat all, the pictures will come in due course. in this post i will narrate how my first six weeks in the field and how i am dealing and managing the various activities and situations of everyday missionary life. FOOD the food in Nigeria is very different from the ones i am used to back home in Ghana. To love the people, you must love the things which they love which is good and you will never feel home sick. this is the lesson i learnt early in my first week in the mission field. what we call in Ghana stews and sauce is called soups in Nigeria and there are little variations in preparing them.i have come to like Oha, Edikaiko, and Egusi soups soo much and they all contain a lot of leaves. I am currently serving in a state with a lot of rivers and water bodies and so there is abundance of fish. there is also a local food over here called Temburo and it is one of my favorites. it is prepared by pounding cooked Yam and cooked ripe plantain together and it is eaten with "pepper" soup ( i mean really spicy soup) TRANSPORTATION SYSTEM the transportation system is amazing and wonderful. the most part of the people use motorcycles(bike/okada) with a few tricycles(kekenape/keke). do not be amazed to see a boy of about riding a bike with ease over here and also the motorbikes are the means of transporting every thing from families to just anything you can think of. also there is a water transportation system that is used to carry goods and humans by boat from the city to the town. In my next edition which will be a continuation of the things shared will feature other segments of the people amongst whom i am serving currently. until then later and be good. Best regards

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