Monday, 22 August 2016

A Time with the Lord's Servant

There are many things that characterize the way we do and see things and on of such is the things we hear from sources we trust and are willing to trust such things and do or follow them. In the recent broadcast with Elder David A. and Sister Susan K. Bednar, Such were the things that came out and stood out to me and I will share with all on this blog a few of those things.
As we were seated and awaited Elder and Sister Bednar address us I was thinking about why we say that he is an Apostle of the Lord and a special witness of the Lord. Wow, how can a man in my day hold the same power and authority that the Lord Himself bestowed on his Servants like Peter, James and John? As I still pondered these words he walked into the room and even though he was miles away from me I could still feel the Spirit testify to me that someone different had entered the room.

As I sat and looked at him on the stand sing along the missionaries and preparing to speak to us I was still thinking about his charisma and still pondering about my first thought. When he arose to speak to us I expected one “higihaga” talk but then to my disappointment he said many of you are expecting me to speak on a particular subject but today I will teach you a different method of teaching. Then he went ahead to teach something which I felt I knew very well but was humbled and reprimanded by the Lord through that teaching. Wow how can man teach so simply yet so powerfully? Wow, this men are indeed converted that is why the Lord has called the and seasoned them with experience from various callings to where there are now that helps them to fulfill their assignments so easily and so dutifully that it makes it look so simple to be an Apostle of the Lord.

I know that the Lord has called the Brethren to lead his church and has given the tools that will help us to come back to him again. All we need to do is follow and Listen to the counsels of the prophets and apostles and we will be blessed. This is true

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