Monday, 6 July 2015

An except From Elder Tu'akoi

Alma 10:4 And behold I am also a man of no small reputation among all those who knows me; yea and behold I have many kindreds and friends and I have also acquired much riches by the hand of my industry. This is a blessing for me to baptize this mother and daughter its been a 1 year and 2 month the missionary before me has teach this family and there is no fruit is cumming up so when i was transfer to this place it was a white wash area so me and my companion go through the area book and we found out there is lot of name on the area book but not to much on the board or the teaching pool so we when through the area book and we found out people and start calling them man its amazing to hear them said that they dont want to see our face in their house and we just thanks them and lot of people say the same things and my companion said Elder Tuakoi i dont know what to do now this is the people in the area book said they dont want us and i remember the scripture D&C6:5 therefore if ye shall ask me ye shall receive and ye shall knock and ye shall be open unto you and i ask my companion can we pray so i say the prayer and while i say the prayer i felt in my heart that spirit touch me and said to just go out and work on the road and contacted so after pray i ask my companion can we go out to buy a bread i didn't tell him that this is what i felt to just go and contacted but i just ask to go buy bread as on our way to the nearest store behold i beheld a brightly angel stood in the midst of us i mean a lady this woman the mother and said ohhh missionary its a long time you visit me to share the gospel man while the lady talk to us man behold my soul hungered and i beheld mine eyes to my maker and i cried unto him in might thanks and supplication for the soul of this lady man i hope the lady and my companion know how happy i am and i talk with the lady and we make an appointment and after 1 week teaching the mother she herself introduce her daughter to us and after 4 weeks teaching them i myself see the fruit of being forsake myself and do the will of god and the lord has prepare people for us to baptize and this is the best baptism that i ever have in mission that the spirit have touch and testify to my soul that God real and live he watch us of everything we do and hope that we continue to pray to God to help us because we cannot do this work with our own strength but with the help of our heavenly father...........
Ofa lahi atu Elder Tuakoi

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