Monday, 13 July 2015

Elder Tu'akoi the Tongan in Cape Coast

For as i stand as a witness of our savior and lord jesus ghrist and to serve and labour in his vine yard, i have seen and testify the difficulty's and trials that our Forefather in time of old have face and pass. In all my days of being a representative of God i have pass through all those difficulty's . In my though the scripture said "Knock and it shall be open unto you" {D&C4:7,D&C6:5,D&C14:5,D&C12:5,Matt 7;7, 3 nep 27:29}. And in my mind if i knock in every doors they will open it unto us and receive us to them. But as those days pass i have seen the reason why our First parents partake of the fruit that the lord have commandment them not to partake off. Just because of the hardly work of the devil and our brother Satan.I was call to White Wash in a area which i dont know anyone, and any-road, any members and investigators. One day I and my companion plan and went out to knock on doors to find peoples to teach. From all a 100% of doors we knock that day, 80% of those were reject us and not receive us well, most of them they open their doors and know is us full time missionary they said to us "feeohh (go ) we dont want to receive and evil to our house and they swear to us and said bad things about us" , lot of people on the streets they shout that we worship saint and mammon and Joseph Smith. i have try to share the testimony that i have for the church and the book of mormon but they didnt soften their heart to listen to our testimony. and lot of trials that we face in this new area. But i remember what apostle Paul said in 1 cor 9:19 "For though i be free from all man, yet have i made myself servant unto all, that i might gain the more" (1 peter 4:16) Yet if any man suffer as a christian let him not be ashamed but let him glorify god on his behalf. I have remember the scripture said that if anyone dont wanna receive you leave that place and return not to them again.(D&C84:92,D&C60:15,matt 10:14). But as i thinking about that a voice deeply fall into my heart said "Elder Tuakoi remember that every souls in worth in the sight of God" and as i try to understand where the voice came from a Scripture just click in to my mind 1 cor 13:1-3. Is apostle Paul remind us how important to have charity. My companion because he just be on the field for 4 month he was shake and afraid of what the people said and done for us so he ask "Elder Tuakoi what should we do now" because i know hes afraid i quoted alma 14:13 "Elder Biney be according to the will of God but our work is not done so they burn us not" and i Quoted lots of scripture to him to help him gain faith in Christ....... 3 nep 12:44, ether 12:6,moroni 7:32, moroni9:6,D&C 3:7, D&C6:33-34,D&C19:16,D&C21:9,D&C24:12,D&C33:10,D&C41:15 and after giving all this scripture i end with 1 nep 3:7 that every commandment that God giving to us there must be a way for us to accomplish it. This help that i make is help small small to my companion and than he said to me "Elder Tuakoi be according to the will of God" so we still work in this new area to find people to christ but im happy that i able to straighten my companion and i share my testimony that even though that we struggles with many challenges in this day of labour in the lord vine yard the lord will always be with us to guide us and i promise that you will enjoy mission if you have a good relationship with your companion and the church is true and the book of mormon is true i know that Joseph Smith did saw God and the son and missionary work is divine no one can stop this work from progress and the savior lives and the people of Africa is pretty cool i guess hhhhhhhhhh mtekt ..........I WILL NEVER EVER DENY THE TESTIMONY THAT I HAVE....

Ofa lahi atu
Elder Tuakoi

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