Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Journey to the Nigeria Port Harcourt Mission: Life In KNUST 1

When I joined the church I had a testimony of the gospel but I didn’t want to be fully involved in church activities because I felt it would take much of my time. I attended sacrament meeting and didn’t attend any other meeting again. There was an association called Latter-day Saints Students Association (LDSSA) which was for the student members of the church and I attended all theirs activities and it was through one such activity that I decided to attend all my church meetings.

 It was a cleaning exercise to clean the chapel. During the exercise I “came out of my shell” and had a long chat with two returned missionaries, brothers, Felix Ewusi and Joshua Gbetoryedzie, they talked about their mission experiences and how attending church activities like institute will help me to develop greater faith in the Lord. I started to come to church regularly and also started to attend institute. That year in institute we were learning Doctrine and Covenants and Preparing for an Eternal Marriage. All this while, my family didn’t know that I had joined of the church.

When I came home for the Christmas holidays I attended church with my mom but I didn’t fill fulfill and I didn’t like the place even though I had been there several times. I was scared to tell my mom I had left the Presbyterian Church. I decided against telling her. I was eager to return to school so I could have the opportunity to partake of the sacrament again. During the second semester at school LDSSA-KNUST visited the Accra Ghana Temple it was the one of the greatest feeling I had ever had in my life. The peace I felt while in the temple and on its sacred grounds was amazing and can’t be described in writing. I decided to get a limited-use Recommend so as to enable me to visit the Temple often since it was close to my house.

                                                       Accra Ghana Temple

When I came home for the long vacation I decided to start reading the Book of Mormon cover to cover. It was quite difficult at the start but as I pressed on I was able to finish it in December. In August, when I returned to school I was called as a ward missionary and later on in October I was called as a counselor to the Elder’s Quorum President. I felt at that time I was too new to be called to such a calling so I decided not to accept it, but I decided to pray before declining the calling. During sacrament meeting that day one of the speakers spoke about callings and said whoever the Lord calls he qualifies. There and then my answer came to me and I knew what to do. Then another Christmas came and I returned home. 

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